Engaging with Communications

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This section includes information about the various events we organise and run. These include public exhibitions where we exploit our collection of telecommunication artefacts to create an interactive learning experience, often with a siginificant input from industry. These are normally organised as part of the University of Salford's outreach programme or offered as a contribution to events organised by third parties. Do please get in touch if you would like us to contribute something to one of your activies. In addition, we run one day seminars and mini-conferences which explore either a topical or historically significant event which brings together academics and industrialists to share their views and insights. Further details on all of these can be obtained by clicking on the links below.

Public Exhibitions

Our public exhibitions are intended to engage, enthuse and excite visitors about the engineering which underpins telecommunications and the modern digital world. Covering telecommunications, television and home computing each exhibition is family orientated offering a mix of heritage and the latest developments in technology with plenty of hands-on exhibits and demonstrationds from both the University and industry. There is also an opportunity to meet the engineers and researchers who work in these exciting fields or to simply enjoy the nostalgia which the more historic exhibits invoke.

Seminars and conferences

Celebrating 30 years of the mobile phone in the UK

A one day conference being held on Saturday 12th Sptember 2015 by the University of Salford celebrating 30 years of the mobile phone in the UK. It was on 1st January 1985 when the UK's first mobile network opened for service. Now, 30 years later, the mobile has morphed into the smartphone and evlved from a luxury item to an essential part of modern day life. Come and find out more about the many developments that have taken place in that relatively short time.

The Archaeology of Communications Conference

A conference that was held as part of the 2012 Manchester Histories Festival which considered the physical evidence that remains of the various communications technologies that have transformed our society including canals, railways, printing, radio, television, the Internet and mobile phones. You can watch a video of each of the presentations given at the conference.