Engaging with Communications

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From the development of spoken language and early cave paintings, communications in all of its forms has enabled humankind and society to develop and prosper. The story of communications, how it works, what its capabilities are and how it impacts on society is both a fascinating and exciting one. Given the significance of communications technology in today’s world, the aim of this website is to tell that story.

We aim to achieve this in a number of ways. Firstly we trace the history of technology through an extensive collection of artefacts and written papers. Secondly, we offer a range of talks to a general public, school or professional audience. Thirdly, we undertake both restoration and public engagement projects and finally, we organise events which include formal conferences and large exhibitions for a general public and family audience in which we and our partners demonstrate and explain telecommunications technology. You can find out much more about our activities by following the appropriate link at the top of this webpage. For general contact information, please click the button below.

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Heritage Books

The British Phonebox


30 years of mobile phones in the UK

by Nigel Linge & Andy Sutton

GPO 706 Rotary dial telephone in two tone green Collection of first generation analogue mobile phones A Commodore PET home computer A set of four K6 telephone kiosks A Buzby badge