Engaging with Communications

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In this section you will be able to explore our extensive collection of technology and ephemera which we use to show how telecommunications has evolved from the earliest forms of communication through to the latest smart phones of today.

Technology section thumbnail image of a Morse key


From semaphore flags to the electrical telegraph and Morse Code.

Telephones section thumbnail image of a GPO 700 series rotary dial telephone


All telephones including vintage rotary dial, special edition, modern push button, novelty and cordless.

Mobiles section thumbnail image of a Nokia 3210


From the analogue bricks of the 1980s to the 4G smartphones of today.

Marketing section thumbnail image of a Buzby poster


A look at some of the many different ways in which companies have marketed communications, including our Buzby collection!

Whilst this part of the website is being developed, some of the above links will take you to our old web site.